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How to play JK Refre



what kind of shop?
You can talk to a genuine amateur girl who has no customs experience and get a massage
Why do amateurs gather?
There is no fixed health service like a customs, basic services such as kissing, blow job, intercrural sex

Amateur girls can’t kiss or give blowjobs to men they meet for the first time
We don’t force basic services, so even amateur girls with no part-time job experience can do it.

What are the benefits for customers?
You can interact with amateur girls who have no experience with men
I’m tired of people who serve customers on the premise of selling their bodies (prostitutes)
If you give the girl peace of mind with a sincere response, you may be able to receive an optional service that is close to customs.
You can meet a girl who can give special service to you, not a girl who can give the same service to everyone.

How much?
The most popular aroma esthetic course
Get in a state of only paper pants and get a massage with lotion from a girl in uniform
You can touch an 18-year-old girl with options such as reverse reflex (acts that girls dislike are prohibited)
60 minutes 8980 yen Nomination fee + 1000 yen

Reflexology course
Recommended for people who just want to talk
You can’t nominate a girl, guidance only by omakase
Customers cannot take off their clothes
A girl in a school uniform massages her feet over her clothes.
60 minutes 5980 yen


Please ask questions from LINE



Reservation procedure

First, register a LINE account for the store.

Desired date of use

Preferred start time

nominee girl name

Desired course and play time

1Aroma beauty treatment course (most popular)
Customers are passive, in a state of only paper underwear, and can be massaged using oil and lotion by an 18-year-old wearing a real uniform.
If you want to touch a girl, you can touch the girl if you request the option “reverse reflex (6000 yen)”
If you want a massage in a micro bikini (6000 yen) instead of wearing a school uniform, you can change clothes.

2 refreshment course
This is basically a story-based course.
Chatting with an 18-year-old in uniform
You can’t take off your clothes, you can have your feet lightly massaged over your clothes

3 walking course
It is a course where you can date together with meals, karaoke, movies, etc.

※Our shop is not a sex shop
Sex is prohibited, and actions that girls dislike are prohibited.
Other than the options on the menu, it’s okay if the girl doesn’t hate it at the request of the customer.

After completing the reservation, please contact us from LINE 1 hour before to confirm.
This is to let you know if you are on time, if you are 15 minutes late, etc.

Hotel must be arranged by the customer

We have picked up several hotels that members often use, so please refer to them.

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After registering on LINE, please fill in the form below and contact us for a smoother experience.


Desired date of use: month, day
Example December 3rd
Desired start time for use: : ~
Example 19:00~
Nominated girl’s name chan
Example: Almu-chan

Desired course and playing time: Course: Minutes
Example: Aroma course 90 minutes